Kelson’s Kendle, 2/0 Sunday style Limerick. #flytying

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Happy birthday to all of us!


It’s Meetup’s tenth birthday, but you deserve the credit for getting us all here.

That’s why we want to give one of you a trip to any Meetup in the world!

Just RSVP and attend a local Meetup happening between now and July 15th, and you are automatically entered to win. We’ll cover the cost of the winner’s hotel and airfare up to $5,000.

You can enter up to five times by going to five different Meetups — but of course, you have to RSVP *and* attend the Meetups to win. Get all the rules below.

You could meetup with hikers in the Alps, moms in Hawaii, techies in New York City… All you have to do is attend a Meetup near you

We can’t wait to see where your next Meetups take you!

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Silver Secretary 4/0 Full Dress from Maxwell

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